Welcome to my little pottery site. My name is Markus and I came in contact with pottery during a backpacking trip around the Dingle Island in Ireland in 2015. My girlfriend paid me a 10 minute mini-pottery class at Louis Mulcahy where I was able to feel clay for the first time. I really fell in love pretty much right away and a few months after returning home I bought a pottery wheel from an old lady. She couldn’t do pottery anymore due to bad eyes and so she sold me all her stuff, tools and books and what not. I was ready to go.

So the following months I learned how to center clay – how to throw a wall and made my first small pieces. I glazed my first pots and cups and really enjoyed my time with pottery. So that’s my story – I potter after a hard day of work or when I find time. Everything is self tought so I’m sure there is a lot of room for improvements. If you have any tips please let me know – I’m eager to learn. And there is sooo much more to learn and try 🙂

Although I walk along the self-tought-way I visit potters such as Ian Beniston from Senseipots in Australia, Heike Flaschka here in Germany and many others to learn and get useful tips from other potters around the world.

Hope you ejoy what you are seeing here

I enjoy making small things out of clay

just for myself … 🙂